You've probably noticed that this site has not been updated in a long time. Unfortunately, school got the best of me. I'm entering my last year of course work for my PhD and with a kid and a job,  I simply lost time. I'm going to keep the site live and hope to relaunch with new content when life gets a little easier.

NOÖ Journal Spotlight Live!






Spotlight editor Juan Carlos Reyes plays a bit of word baseball in his newest review! Trot the base path with him through NOÖ Journal.

Now accepting Poetry!

It's almost been a year since the first Reprint launched and this whole time I've felt remiss about the exclusion of poetry.

No longer! We are happy to announce that Athena Dixon-DeMary is our new poetry editor! Athena is a poet and the co-founder of Specter Literary Magazine and we’re very excited to have her aboard.

Starting in February, we will publish poetry, so send us your submission. The guidelines are below and also on our submission page.

The Reprint only accepts poetry previously published in print media. Work must not be available online.

-You must currently own the rights to the work. You must include the name of the magazine where the work previously appeared and the date of publication (mm/yy) in your cover letter.

-Size limit: Up to five (5) poems per submission; one poem per page. Any work submitted outside of the acceptable submission channels will be rejected. Please do not submit via e-mail unless specifically requested by the editor.

-All forms are accepted. We are particularly interested in lyric and narrative poetry that breaks the boundaries of the traditional. Send us your off kilter, strange, and thoughtful. We'd love to read works with sonic foundations that highlight the beauty of language.

-All serial poetry will be considered, but may not be accepted in whole. When submitting serial poetry please ensure each section can stand on its own.

-Submissions should be submitted in 12 pt Times New Roman font, single-spaced.

-Formatting (line breaks, stanza breaks, punctuation, and alignment) must be present at time of submission. Please carefully proofread all work prior to submission.

-Only one submission until you have been notified of acceptance or rejection. If accepted please allow at least one issue of The Reprint to be published before submitting again. Prior acceptance is no guarantee of subsequent publication.

Cavalier Literary Couture Spotlight Live!

New spotlight editor Juan Carlos Reyes dives in with his first review! Take a look at his trek through the fantastic carnival that is Cavalier Literary Couture.


A lot of stuff has been happening and I’ve neglected the front page for far too long. So this post is an information dump of sorts!

I am happy to welcome Juan Carlos Reyes on board! He is now the acting editor of the spotlight section and, in turn, this section will be much more active (Starting tomorrow!). He’s been added to the contributor’s page and here is his bio:

Juan Carlos Reyes is originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador. He received a PEN USA Emerging Voices Fellowship in 2007 and is currently pursuing his MFA at the University of Alabama. He's got stories, poems and interviews in Arcadia Magazine, The Offending Adam and Black Warrior Review, among others. He lives with his wife in Tuscaloosa, AL, where, legend goes, he once shattered a tornado's vortex by sneezing.

You can find him at here, where you might find a poem or two dedicated to utility companies! You’ll also find his first spotlight right here, tomorrow.

The Reprint Issue 3 was reviewed by Iris Moulton over at Portal del Sol.

While, Issue 4 is getting some love from Dorothee Lang at the DailyPress Blog of the Blue Print Review, the always wonderful Amber Sparks, Mel Bosworth, and the Orange Alert watch list. Thanks to everyone for getting the word out!

The Reprint: Issue 4 is live!

The fourth issue of The Reprint is here! We have work from xTx, Brandi Wells, Kirsty Logan, Aubrey Hirsch, Meg Porkass, Travis Hessman, Adam Moorad, and Roxane Gay. Sarah Rose Etter starts us off with an incredible and great art is from Joe Scarano!


Take a look!

Online Literature Calendar is live!

You might have noticed a couple of changes to the site in recent days. We have launched an Online Literature Calendar and reshuffled some of our links. Author and Zine spotlights are now under the same banner (Spotlights) and we've collapsed our mission, about, and contact pages into just about.

The most exciting part of this change is the calendar. This calendar displays the release dates of online literary magazines and makes finding new literature easy and user friendly. Currently, the Calendar has two distinct views: a fully interactive grid view and a detailed view that displays recent and forthcoming releases. Both views link directly to the participating journals and the grid view also integrates an ical feed. As I get time and get better with Drupal, I aim to add more features. In the meantime, we're looking for as many online journals as there are to populate the calendar.

I want to thank the magazines who helped pilot the calendar and those editors who gave me feedback in the pilot stages (Specifically Matt Bell at the Collagist, Roxane Gay at Pank and Bluestem, Jason Jordan at decomP, Lauren Becker at Corium, and Jessica Hollander).

The calendar is open to any online journal and we invite you to add your literary magazine! If you’re interested in adding your publication email me at editor [at] zine-scene [dot] com with your release schedule, a link to your journal, a one to two sentence description of your journal, and your logo. I hope you’ll consider signing up your publication and visiting the calendar. You can also follow Zine-Scene on Twitter to keep up with new online literature.

Online Literature Calendar

If you read a lot of online literature then you've probably poked around the internet for new issues of your favorite magazines (well, if you're like me and don't subscribe to their listservs... sorry but I want my e-mail clean). This has gotten to be a bit of a nuisance for me and I assume for other people too.

So I'm starting an online literature calendar. The calendar will have it's own page on Zine-Scene and will have the release dates of online magazines. I've found the appropriate module on drupal and have been tinkering with it a bit and I can get it to go.

I'm not just going to hunt and peck for magazine release schedules. Instead, if you want your magazine represented on the calendar e-mail me your release schedule here:

Set to go live in June!

Reviewers Wanted - Essayists Wanted

Call for Submissions

We're currently looking for more help!

What we need: Reviewers/Essayists who want to write on/about online literature. If you want to review for Zine-Scene, please take a look at some of the work already published in the archives. Hopefully you'll notice the diverse approaches taken, and hopefully that will inspire you.

The reason for the "/Essayists", is two-fold. 1. Our reviews are not always straight-forward reviews. Many of them are creative essays where the author uses what they are reviewing as a launch point for their essay. and 2. We would love to publish essays that deal with current issues in publishing (with at least some sort of angle toward online literature).

The only restriction is that the review or essay needs to deal with online lit. If you're reviewing, we accept reviews of both online journals and authors (it's ok if the journal has a print arm too). By online authors, we mean authors who have published prolifically online.

Please e-mail me at with your idea and a bit about yourself, and we'll go from there.

Weekly Wrap: Stories to Read

Follow us at: @Zine_Scene.

Weeks 6 wrap:

Saturday 3/26: "Pinocchio" by Aubrey Hirsch at Bluestem

Sunday 3/27: "We Are All Happy Here" by Anne Earney at Six Little Things

Monday 3/28: "Insurance Companies Make Me Wear a Helmet" by Nate Wilhelm at Opium

Tuesday 3/29: "The Man With the Sight" by Jules Archer at > kill author

Wednesday 3/30: "Three Stories" by Kim Chinquee (Issue 2 Contributor!) at Web Conjunctions

Thursday 3/31: "Velveeta Review" by Sean Lovelace (Issue 1 Contributor!) at Corium Magazine

Friday 4/1: "Capacity" by Erin Fitzgerald at Dark Sky Magazine

Read, read, read!

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